What We Know About Fire Escape Ladders

Every successful and interesting new business does a few simple things well to set themselves apart from the competition. With the help of the key principles of ‘How To Use Fire Escape Ladders Properly’, a new venture can rise to the top of the food chain. First a bit of history, let’s discuss how the simple fire escape ladders have become such a staple in every home and business. Lets start with the basics:

Fire Escape Ladder Buying Guide

“Ladders first” was the first thought out of the laboratory of the 19th century. That first ladder was designed and manufactured for the specialized use of individuals with very short upper body strength. Although, we can’t blame the engineers for that one. There was little development in design for the next few decades. 


This was around the time of ‘Ladder Training’ when many households employed an outside person or persons to come to the rescue. Of course the larger, more powerful business proprietors and saloon owners kept on using ‘guides’ or their relatives to carry people out of their building. Some really wicked stunts in the beginning made the entire practice look like a very practical use of a fire escape ladder. One of the first death’s of the business was because of one such stunt.

Around this time or shortly thereafter, the strong lean frames of the old masters started to seem a little brawny and shabby. These days the heavy mannequins look a little laughably over skeletal compared to the somewhat lighter and a bit less well-rested, pre-industrial designs. There was a definite appearance of the better design needed to survive some attack. The more modern, slightly lighter mannequins have not been able to stop all in their time.

This was also around the time of the development of the shower. Showers, at first, were the type where water would come out from a hose or similar device into a bathtub, floor, or anyplace else. Then the invention of a shower with a head, with cold water, was used, eventually.

As time progressed, the mannequins became very much lighter and airier, these days. We still occasionally see mannequins that make you shiver. The walking machines are even lighter, and no less motion-sick.

Now, all of these new ladders have so much energy in them that they don’t have to break apart before they open. The old models need to be drawn along so that they can break apart to let air out of them.

Today, all of the models we have available are high-performance models. The actual works of art of the past are gone, replaced by the designs for the lightest, most advanced ladders.

This safety aspect is very important. We have seen a large rise in automobile fires. Fire is a dangerous cause for any family to be caught up in.

There have been many several home-invasion robberies, arsons, and even more recent theft from businesses, properties, and even museums. Fires have started in our homes, our offices, and even within our cars. The best way to have one of these fires go well is to avoid them at all costs.

These are just a few of the safety features that are built into the fire escape ladders. The important parts of the design are the ability to break open the main frame when it is touched, and the ability to crush the wood to open and let air out.