The Different Types of Foundation Repair

If you are seeking a reputable company to carry out your foundation repair work in Garland, Texas then the best place to start is with Foundation Repair Pro. Offering top-notch service and backed up by strong local references, Align Foundation Repair pride themselves on their ability to undertake the toughest foundation repairs of all. This company uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques so that clients can be back in business as soon as possible. Here are some of the things that make Foundation Repair Pro stand out from the crowd: Garland Foundation Repair Solutions

– Professional Results – The experts at Foundation Repair Pro understand that every building has its own unique set of foundations which range from tile, concrete, slate, brick and even wooden floors. Their extensive range of services includes the removal and replacement of both wooden and concrete foundations and will deliver results that are sure to please. Along with these innovative services, they also offer the latest in green technology, as we grow environmentally aware and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Garland Texas is a city known for its progressive attitude to environmental issues and so it’s no wonder that Align Foundation Repair has embraced this by incorporating eco-friendly initiatives into all of their work.

– Green Solutions – It’s important for all companies to take the environment into consideration when carrying out foundation repair services and so Foundation Repair Pro understands this. They use certified organic ingredients that are tailored to both alleviate cracking and repairing damaged soil types found within houses and commercial properties alike. They are able to handle all different types of foundation repair works and can guarantee that they don’t leave any unsightly scars or damage whatsoever. These organic solutions have been tested numerous times over and are deemed to be safe for both the environment and people in general.

– Slab foundation cracks – Unfortunately, slab foundations are something of a minefield due to the fact that they involve a high level of structural support. Foundation Repair Garland is especially qualified to deal with slab foundations as they have the necessary expertise and tools to deal with the repairs that need to be carried out to these highly complex structures. As well as this, they have the ability to offer a wide range of services. From sealing and repairing cracks to installing sustainable flooring alternatives on your floors and walls, they have the expertise to provide it all. All of this simply means that if you are finding that your concrete foundation piers or slab foundations are suffering from wear and tear, then you should contact them immediately.

– Concrete Foundation Repair – Unlike most of the other services offered by Foundation Repair Garland, concrete slab repair is carried out by experts who know exactly what they’re doing. This means that they will seal any cracks they discover and will carry out any concrete foundation pier installation they deem is required. In addition, they will also carry out any other necessary foundation repairs or changes to the structure itself. slab foundations are usually found in places where there is a great amount of strain placed on them. For instance, they may be required to keep water away from a pool or hot tub and they may also have to support a wooden or concrete decking. All of this means that they will need to be fortified and this is why they are called slab foundations.

– Beam Foundation Repair – The next type of Foundation Repair that is covered here is beam foundation repair. While it may not appear like it, beam repairs are actually quite complex as they often require digging down into the earth and constructing a reinforced support for a damaged or deteriorating pier. Because of this, the price tag associated with this type of Foundation Repair can be quite expensive.

There are two main methods for Foundation Repair Garland TX including slab and beam. Both of these methods are quite expensive and both of them have their own set of pros and cons. For instance, slab foundations are considered the more traditional method and are generally used when the issue with the foundation is confined to just a small section of land. However, there are many parts of Texas that are prone to flooding and a slab foundation repair may not be enough to remedy the problem. In this case, people will have to decide between a new pier or a new foundation.

Blown in or out Foundation Repair – Finally, there is the blown in or out Foundation Repair. This happens when the damage to the foundation is so severe that it requires an entirely new foundation to support the rest of the house. Often times, homes that experience flooding will suffer from blow-in or out Foundation Repair. As water gets in, the soil can expand and sometimes the clay soil can move around and snap under the foundation. When this happens, the house will actually start to settle toward the south or to the east and these can compromise the structural integrity of your home.