Telugu Web Series: Alokhi

Telugu Web Series: Welcome Samrat is an animated comedy directed by S.S. Rajamouli, who also co-directed and handled the screenplay too. It’s a remake of his popular comedy Welcome Samba. It’s one of those rare animated Telugu movies that’s worth going to see – all the more because its animation is top-notch. If you are looking for a good comedy, which won’t take much of your time, then this is the movie for you. 

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The story of Welcome Samrat revolves around a middle-aged couple, Yash Chopra and Sushmita (played by Prem Chopra), who have been recently married after being arranged marriage. Yash is a great cook, while Sushmita is not so good at cooking. The only problem in their marriage is that they both have to look after their young son Vrindra (played by Aishwarya Rai), who is born with a deformity that affects his eyesight. The couple’s attempts to help Vrindra improve his eyesight are thwarted by his father, who wants Yash to get rid of his “ugliness”.

In the first few episodes of the Telugu Web Series, we get to see the daily routine of the couple’s life, as well as the dynamic relationship between Yash and Sushmita. They manage to get through their problems, but things do take a turn for the worse when Yash gets into a car accident, and ends up with a badly-beaten face. When Yash goes to a near-death experience (caused by a vampire), he realizes that he’s not human, and that he’ll have to go on living once he returns to earth. So begins the series, as Yash takes several different paths to find out what really is inside him. Some of the episodes are action-filled, some funny, and some are deeply emotional… but all of them are worth a watch just for the incredible fantasy elements they bring to the story.

The second part in the ten episodes of Telugu Web Series 2 is called The Cats of Nenu. And again, we get to follow Yash and Sushmita as they struggle to figure out who or what is really inside Yash. It all starts when Yash finds himself in a small house near Nenu, where old women are selling porcelain dolls. The owner tells Yash that the dolls were given as gifts to the residents of Nenu, but none of them know who the dolls are from.

The story begins when Yash arrives at the estate and meets his deceased father, who is identified as Neelkanth (Koenaek Dey). Neelkanth wants Yash to marry his daughter, Ninda (Sudheer Ram) – however Yash declines, as he doesn’t think he can manage such a big family. Then Neelkanth instructs Yash to go to Andi (Chhotelal Mishra), a girl living with her sister in a rented flat near Nankana. Andi’s brother is actually Jairam (Abhishekhar Nagar), a budding actor.

What follows is a series of events that would change everything about Yash and Sushmita and would ultimately lead them to be best friends. The first episode of the second season of Telugu web series depicts the two girls as innocent, sweet preteens. But the second episode takes the drama to another level as the girls witness the murder of a young boy (played by Mahesh Babu), at the hands of their nerdy neighbor (Nishitha Sundaram).

In the third episode of the series, Krishna and Sushmita finally manage to get themselves invited to their senior’s (Nishitha’s father) house. There, they meet their much older and best friend Geetha who happens to be the sister of their recently-turned-inmate Jai. What follows is some interesting and intense familial conflict, as the girls try to figure out how to get their friend out of jail, while Sushmita is determined to talk her out of accepting the invitation to their father’s house. The rest of the season is largely hilarious and features some very memorable guest stars like Srikanth, Manjishtha, and Madhubala. The chemistry between the three female characters, Manjishtha particularly, has always been strong, and the show has managed to keep my attention long enough for most of the episodes to remain worthwhile.

The premise and story of the telugu web series are similar to many popular television shows from India. The format borrows liberally from many popular TV serials, including the likes of Bhaktapur TV show, Kaalakiya TV show, Mahabaleshwar TV show, and many more. However, what makes Alokhi, and Daas TV series so special is that it successfully integrates humor, tragedy, action, love, melodrama, action, romance, thriller, action, adventure, and even some comedy into its already great mix. In fact, this web-series’ biggest strength lies in how it successfully combines all of these elements into a single story, which is a real rarity these days.