Mecca Bingo – An Exciting Nightlife

Mecca Bingo is back, after a long lockout for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with re-opened bingo offers in an all new venue, The National. With re-opening table service on July 4, Mecca Bingo has once again enjoyed a surge in attendance, with the opening of two additional tables across the hall from the main hall, bringing the total attendance to over 500 visitors on the day. Officia blog

Mecca Bingo fans everywhere can once again try their luck on a full house, as Mecca Bingo is once again re-opening its doors on July 4th with early bird and table service. During the lockout fans were only able to play online from Mecca, but now the chain is planning a full reopening on Saturday, which will see forty tables in England open up their doors for the first time since the lockout. bingo sites 2020

As Mecca’s re-opening is a chance to relive the magic of the original Mecca Bingo show and experience, the casino offers a full casino experience with full table service including slots, roulette, blackjack, and a live dealer. Visitors who enjoy games of chance and have never tried a casino before will love the atmosphere at Mecca, offering a mixture of casual fun and high-stakes bingo. Mecca has also installed a gaming screen, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home. Many other features are available including online services to keep up to date with all the action, including the World Cup, World Series, and even a special edition of Celebrity Poker.

Mecca Bingo offers a full range of Bingo products, including Bingo bags, Bingo cards, Bingo supplies, and even a Bingo Party Bus! Visitors who are interested in purchasing some of these Bingo items can also browse through the Mecca Bingo website or shop at their local store to find what they need.

For those who are just making their first trip to the famous Mecca, there are plenty of options for entertainment to ensure that you have a great time. There are many restaurants located throughout the city, and each one is well worth stopping by to check out. Some of the more popular establishments include Jumeirah Restaurant & Bar, The Al-Nur, Kafeel Restaurant, and Tabaq Restaurant & Bar, and many more. A special menu can be found online and is great value for money as you will get excellent food at affordable prices.

You can also take in the Bingo Hall from inside if you so choose, although this is not recommended unless you have no other choice! From here you can enjoy some of the best view possible and enjoy the music and sound of the night, as the lights dance around the room.

The nightlife is also another area that visitors will enjoy, with clubs, bars and discos dotted around the city, offering great entertainment and exciting night life for locals and visitors alike. In the city centre you can enjoy the hottest drink in town with The Old White, where you can enjoy your favourite tune at any time. Another club is Barcades, where you can dance the night away with drinks from around the globe, as well as enjoying a good book or a romantic evening. A popular hotspot is The Garage where you can enjoy music and live entertainment as well as dancing the night away to live music from top UK musicians and then get up and dance the next morning at The Garage Lounge.

Mecca Bingo is a must-try during the summer months. The excitement and fun you can have playing a game in the privacy and security of your own home is hard to beat!