iPhone Insurance Comparison Between Mobile Service Providers And Independent Companies

The best way to get proper insurance for your iPhone is to compare the iPhone insurance offer from more companies. A few years back, this was very difficult to do because the Internet wasn’t so widely used. That meant a lot of driving around and talking with store representatives and the likes. But now we can use the web to see these prices right on our screens. 


There are quite a few companies that deal with gadget insurance policies, but you can divide these into two major groups. There are the mobile service providers, like Orange, Vodafone. T-Mobile, O2 and others. Then there are the independent companies that are specialized in insurances like Carphone Warehouse, Gadget Cover, Protect Your Bubble and others. Believe it or not, the price range for a monthly fee for these companies is pretty big. So here is the comparison between iPhone insurance offered by these two groups of companies. 

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The following statistics are for an iPhone insurance policy, more exactly for the iPhone 3G. For any other type of phone or iPhone model the prices and coverage might change.

1. Mobile Service Providers

These have complete coverage, except for the company “3” that doesn’t cover against loss. The other things they cover is accidental damage and theft and they are valid anywhere in the world.

The monthly rates go from 12 pounds at Orange and “3” to 15 pounds at O2. T-Mobile and Vodafone have a 12.99 pounds per month fee.

These companies usually limit their insurance services for their customers and only if they make a policy within a set amount of days from the purchase of the phone.

2. Independent Firms

Complete coverage worldwide except for Gadget Cover which doesn’t cover you in case you lose your iPhone.

The prices are 5.99 pounds per month at Protect Your Bubble, 8.99 pounds at Gadget Cover and 13.99 pounds at Carphone Warehouse.

You can usually add more gadgets to the same policy but you will have to pay extra for each one. The extra amount is a lot lower than the original monthly fee.

These statistics should only be used to get an idea about which companies are best to get insurance from. Their prices might change over time so make sure you double-check this information.

The bottom line is pretty clear anyway. While it is easier to get insurance from your service provider, you can find cheaper with an independent firm. This is why it is important to compare a few offers for iPhone insurance before doing anything.