Best Telugu Web Series For Everyone

The demand for Telugu movies has been on a rise ever since the Telugu film industry produced some really good films like Baahubali, Raavanan, Humko etc. Recently released Telugu blockbuster hit Mahesh Babu’s Baahubali that became the all time box office hit in India. With such success, the Telugu film industry has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts in the local business scenario. Many-based companies have seen a boom in their business graph with the popularity of Baahubali and similar popular films. Some of these companies have also ventured into international markets as well.

Telugu web series is likely to touch the similar heights that are usually ruled by Telugu comedy. The latest series released recently in India called “Nanban” is so humorous with brilliant ideas and witty content that it is fast becoming popular day by day across the world. Nanban was directed by S.S. Rajamouli and is based on a novel of the same name. 

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Nanban is an intelligent comedy that revolves around the theme of greed and corruption in the government. The movie is set in the fictional state of Orrissa where there are two kingdoms competing for the control of the powerful river Ganges. King Dhananjay is desperately trying to keep his kingdom together by maintaining the social order and maintaining a steady peace between the different princely states. His daughter Purna is captured by the Chandravanshis (rivalry) and brought to the throne. The prince, who is in love with her suffers a dramatic downfall when he discovers that she has been involved in an affair with another prince.

The genius director who has worked on several high budget Telugu web series including “Nanban”, “Nanban 2” and “Thuppakki” knows his cast and crew and their talent very well. Thus, the Thuppakki production crew put in more effort in making this series than any other. As a result, the ending result is very well acted, which made the movie worth watching. The story lines of Nanban and Thuppakki are similar to that of the former but are revised to deal with the political situations and situation in Orrissa during that period of time.

Another wonderful comedy that you can watch revolves around the love story between two cousins. “Aabhinaya” or “The Accidental Wedding” is a hilarious comedy that you will love to watch. The story revolves around a bungling arranged marriage between two cousins where both the couples have strong familial bonds. The marriage is planned by the mother of one of the cousins and the father of the other. Things go wrong when the groom dies while giving birth to the baby and his friend who are in charge of the wedding enters the wedding to eliminate the problem.

This hilarious Telugu web series casts some of the best actors and actresses in the industry. It has been a favorite of many comedy lovers. Arundhati Roy, Naveen Kaushik, Sushmita Sen, Ravi Teja and Kavita Sen are some of the finest actresses who have featured in this film. The director is Manish Malhotra, who did an admirable job in the making of this film. The plot and the acting are both great and the music is a perfect blend that adds to the total package.

The third and final part of the Telugu Web Series “Nanban” revolves around a reunion between the old friends who have lastly fallen out of touch. They meet again only to find that each of them has changed completely. They then decide to go on a mission together and go on a wild goose chase, fighting robbers along the way. The ending is as thrilling as the beginning and brings back the amount of fans that had left the franchise anticipating for the last installment. The entire movie has set the fans in a rush to have a copy of the movie stored away as it is sure to get a thumbs up from them.

The second season of the Telugu Web Series “Nanban” is going strong and has already been sold out within a few days of its release. The third season is also scheduled to be released at some point in the coming weeks. The story of the series revolves around the love story between a common man and his assistant Pilla. The movie is a big hit among the common people and the directors have already earned rave reviews for the innovative concept and the realistic depiction of the Pilla affair. The upcoming fourth season is going to be just as good as the first four and is certain to be a huge success amongst the Tamil film viewers.