I have to tell you that I’m extremely proud, happy and exited about the new album.
I’ve recorded 10 new tracks that will be released world-wide in early may. BUT the first taste of what’s to come is the single “By your side” that will premiere in less then a month!
Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

World-premiere of my new track Falling!

The Key on Little Children:

Little Children is the name of the band led by 29 year old Linus Lutti. The Stockholm singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist creates lush, warm, and ornamental pop songs along the lines of Jose Gonzalez. Little Children may also remind you of Bon Iver or Loney Dear, and words like sincere, contemplative and mysterious come to mind when listening to the band’s infectious songs including “Falling.” Another song from the forthcoming EP, ““Distant Shouts,” was featured on Grey’s Anatomy in March and introduced Little Children to a much wider audience. Little Children released its debut album, In Silence, in 2010, and released the In HauEP this past January. A new EP, Falling, is out on June 4th on Declared Goods Records.”

Falling Cover